increase in CO2 in atmosphere

29 05 2013

There is so much news out there and indeed here in Canada there are so many issues of corruption in local and municipal gov’t (see Mike Duffy, Rob Ford, Charbonneau Commission findings, etc).

And even in the more liberal press, critical news about climate change doesn’t get reported or is relegated to back pages….

thankfully there are web news sites that don’t forget about this issue


Today’s report from Norway

14 05 2013

The report  by the Norwegian Refugee Council’s Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre points out that 98% of the people displaced by exreme weather live in poorer countries. And there’s been a big increase in displacement caused by climate change.$file/Highlights%20Global%20Estimates%20Report%202012.pdf


there’s a synopsis in the Toronto Star

Portugal’s been running on 70% renewables this year

7 05 2013

from the good news dept. –  they may not need a lot of heating, but still it’s impressive. And where I live there is a lot of wind, just no political will to use it.

Happy Earth Day

23 04 2013

A look at planning in Canadian cities for climate change

The Struggle to Save Our Planet Heats Up

2 04 2013

An article on ZNet that looks at the political economy of climate change.

Record amount of CO2 in atmosphere expected next year

12 03 2013

ok it’s been in the news a bit, but on page 7 or page 20. The Oscars are way more important. The choosing of the pope. The list goes on

who is funding climate change deniers?

3 03 2013

A recent article in the Guardian, coming from American sources looks at 2 foundations that get anonymous funding and channel it to climate change deniers. We’re talking about vast amounts of money, and it seems that it’s not just from the usual suspects like the Koch brothers. Indeed, when I see the number of climate change deniers in the comments of articles in just about any website that posts articles on the topic, I can’t help but think that many of them are being paid.